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I have a dream about conventional commits

Everyone these days has heard of semver, as most package managers try to enforce it upon their packages.

While the idea behind it is nobel, the execution often lacks.

We’ve all been screwed by some form of sentimental versioning before I’m sure, so here’s an idea you might not have heard of:

Conventional Commits

Use ✨conventional commits✨, introduce some tooling, and you’ll be semantically versioning in no time.

Commit messages are subject to rules according to a specification which ensures, that the git history can be tracked for patch, minor and major changes.

As a bonus, you can from now on generate your as well.

Thanks for adhering to my advice.


Are you already comitting conventionally? How is it working out for you? Was it hard to adapt with an entire team?

Let me know by submitting an issue on GitHub.